Living Roof

Living Roof - Benefits and Installation Costs

Living roofs offer a great means for making use of the space that exists on top of any building or home. They are commonly seen in urban areas, but there is nothing to stop a residential homeowner from installing a roof like this. They are actually more economical to install than one might imagine, and they help increase the value of a property.

Living roofs are comprised of vegetation, grasses, and soil in most cases. They can also be outfitted
to include ponds or rubble which might encourage the growth and health of other living organisms like insects or animals.

Living Roofs Are Suitable For Urban Areas

You can use a living roof to plant a vegetable garden or to install a pond that will help treat greywater. If you are in an urban area you can choose to plant a green roof with grass that is planted around walkways or benches. If you want, you can use the greenery exclusively as insulation for the building below.

Some of the benefits of green or living roofs include helping to reduce carbon. This is because plants are naturally capable of absorbing carbon and then carrying it through their roots. Most people find that the best benefit of the roof, besides improving the aesthetics of the home or building, is keeping the interior cooler in the summer and, depending on the climate, warmer in the winter.

This benefit naturally helps reduce the cost of air conditioning and heating bills. It also helps conserve resources that are put to use in providing air conditioning and heating. 

Associated Costs of Living Roofs

Many living roofs make use of existing items and materials. This alone makes them much more affordable to install than one might think. The cost will vary depending on the size and extensiveness of the project. 

Obviously, a roof with a pond and materials to help preserve an animal species will cost a good deal more than one that is being carpeted with grass. The costs will vary but they are generally figured in feet or meters. It is not impossible to get a roof installed for about £10 to £35 a foot.

Think about what types of environmental improvements you would like to be part of. Think about the styles that you would most like to create with greenery on your roof. Then, contact a professional green roof company for more information to get your project off the ground.

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