Living Roofs

Living Roofs – All You Need To Know?

Living roofs or green roofs are essential roof-top gardens. They are ordinary roofs that appear on commercial or residential buildings which have had sod laid onto them. They are most often used in urban settings, but many residential communities often consider rooftop container gardens in apartment buildings semi-green roofing.

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Helping Combat Global Warming

Green or living roofing is considered to be a huge aid in solving the problem of global warming. At its most basic, a landscape is built onto a roof area using layers or modular pieces or trays for planting as well a soil for growing. They can be combined with ponds to help assist in treating greywater. Their main objective is to not only provide edible foods but also protection for the building below. 

Green or living roofs can be planted with vegetation or plants for visual appeal. They can also be planted with a combination of the two. Some roofs offer pathways for people to enjoy. Some are exclusively meant to offer a means of providing greater insulation for the building. There are terms used by green roofers which describe the two as being semi-intensive or semi-extensive.

Impressive Biological Impact

Some roofs are meant to provide a biological impact. These may be designed to work in certain climates and environments to protect various species. These living roofs are sometimes called brown or rubble roofs. They provide shelter for various species which would otherwise potentially become extinct. With a rubble roof environment, the species have space to reproduce, flourish and give back to the biological environment.

Benefits of Living Roofs

Among the major benefits, there are the added savings a building or an entire community can enjoy
on air conditioning costs. This not only helps save money for individuals and businesses, but it also conserves energy resources. Perhaps the best benefit is that these living or green roofs offer more natural beauty among urban settings. They also make use of available space in a way that encourages a better environment as well as money and energy savings.

To get a green or living roof, consult with specialists in this growing field.  You want to consider your actual environment and climate before choosing the best layout for your roof. Make sure to have your objectives clear as well. You can choose to have a simple pathway built around your roof for residents. Or, you can choose to erect an entire biodynamic rooftop environment to encourage wellbeing among other species of plants and animals.

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